Tinting equipment – new possibilities for our customers

From January 2016, is possible to order HEMPEL products in any color by RAL or a lot of other color standards in our stock in Latvia. Because of new tinting equipment now is possible to decrease delivery time and price for our customers.
We are glad to improve our businesses for you.

We offer for lease office spaces in brand new complex of class A2

We offer for lease office spaces in brand new complex of class A2. Floor space is from 40-100 m². All office spaces have access to:
– Rental payment is 5.80 €/m²
– Air conditioning and ventilation systems
– Fire alarm and CCTV cameras system
– Security service
– Internet access
– Free parking
As well we offer for lease warehouse units in brand new complex of class A2.
– 5 warehouse units with floor space 380 m² (with opportunity to consolidate)
– Rental payment is 3.16€/m²
– Warehouse units built of mild steel and sandwich panels
– Flat concrete floor with anti-dust surface
– One warehouse unit is equipped by 3 level shelves
– Massive 6 m high ceiling, enough to build a mezzanine
– Central heating
– Fire alarm and CCTV cameras system
– Automatic gates
– Enclosed and 24h protected territory
– Free parking for trucks and cars


Carecoat Barrier

We have a new product, called Carecoat Barrier. It is used as an intermediate coating in
between different cargoes onboard of bulk carriers. For instance if a vessel will carry pet coke and later grain, she needs to be very clean. Cleaning pet coke is a tedious job which is time consuming and therefore costly. If you apply Carecoat Barrier before loading, cleaning will go so much easier having your vessel load ready days earlier which ultimately saves a lot of operating costs.
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In addition, we also have an application kit for Carecoat Barrier and our cleaning chemicals; we call it our Caretech Foam Cleaning Kit. See more PDF Document



HEMPACORE ONE 43600 – one-component, physically curable, intumescent fire resistant coating, solvent-based, passive fire protection for structural steel in fire cellulose-containing materials. Suitable for use in the shop floor and beyond.
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Passive fire protection
New products from Hempel



Marine Care’s new line of unique & very effective green cleaning products replaces traditional solvent, acid and hydroxide based cleaners for complete maintenance and cleaning on board of vessels. All products have great dissolving properties on any types of contaminations.
Based on a revolutionary technology the extreme cleaning power comes with a triple zero HMIS score for all products. This makes Green Care safe on your skin, safe for your equipment and safe to store anywhere.