1) How long is your delivery time?
Usually delivery time takes up to 4 days.

2) Is it possible to return products?
Our product can be returned only as original – unopened and undamaged.

3) Do you have your own warehouse?
Exactly, our Company owns a warehouse in a near proximity to Riga.

4) Do you offer any other paint brands except Hempel?
Only Hempel products are offered.

5) Do you have access to any ports in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia)?
We serve all major Baltic State ports. On special request we provide WW delivery.

6) Do you provide technical, paint and chemical specialists?
Company team includes inspector, technical specialists and painters. We can advise you on any matter.

7) What should I do if I need my order by a certain date?
You can order delivery to specific date, taking in consideration the processing time, usually less than 4 days

8) Do Hempel and Marine Care have representatives worldwide?
Yes, companies provide the WW delivery.

9) Can you provide us with specialists during ship’s dry dock?
We can provide the inspector and coating services.

10) Who can I contact if I have specific enquiry?
Reach us any time on this telephone number: (+371) 6 7601701

11) Do you supply oil?
We can supply the Total Marine Oil from our warehouse and via WW delivery system of Total Company.

12) Do you have online tutorials how to paint or use chemicals?
You can find useful information on our website at paint and chemical sections accordingly.

13) I don’t know which kind of paint/chemical I should use for definite surface.
Our specialists can propose you better solutions for it.

14) Can paint work take place during bad weather condition?
It depends on specific weather conditions and paint’s characteristics. We will advise you precisely.

15) Where can I get a catalogue of Hempel’s products?
You can find all products and specifications on our website.

Have a question that we didn’t answer? For additional information or to ask any questions that you didn’t see here, feel free to email us at supply@marinecare.lv